Friday, March 11, 2011

Photoshop easy to create delicious mango

1, a size of 450x450 pixels, 96 resolution, RGB mode document.

2, create a new layer, use Pen tool for drawing the following shape.

3, select the gradient tool, color settings # 3E6936 and # 9BD8A6, results are as follows.

4, with the gradient tool to fill color, then press Ctrl + D deselect.

5, the implementation of add variegated filter, set the following.

6, and then use the pen tool to create a new shape, with the Gradient Tool fill color set to # 696D30 and # 895831.

7, create a new layer 2, and then create a new outline of the shape of the mango, using the above set of gradient color fill.

8, using the burn tool, brush size of 50%, the range of shadow Shadow, exposure to 25%. Then add the variegated, the overall effect is as follows.

9, when the effect of pictures as follows.

10, press Ctrl + J copy the layer.

11, and then use the Move tool to move the Layer2 copy layer, the effect is as follows.

12, and then copy the layer 3.

13, using the mobile tools mobile Layer 3 copy, results are as follows.

14, using the brush, the color set to # E5FABD, brush size 60, opacity 50%.

15, application add variegated filter.

16, the present results are as follows.

17, select the Layer1 or layer2. Layer, then use the lasso tool to create a new shape, then press Ctrl + J copy.

18, add layer styles for the shape. Add a drop shadow:

19, and then set the gloss.

20, the end result is as follows.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amazon: the "cloud" dance

May not be long before Amazon will no longer just a B2C company, but the important cloud computing service providers. Not long ago, re-examine China's cloud computing solutions and network services, said Jeff Barr, Senior Manager, so far, Amazon cloud computing log volume has exceeded its related page in the retail traffic, there are 52 billion objects inside the Amazon cloud computing system for data exchange.

Amazon's cloud computing services such a large, in fact, many years ago from an "unintentional." Six years ago, the Amazon sales peak in response to the additional purchase of IT equipment, to build their own e-commerce system IT architecture, realized that those facilities are often idle, they begin to use idle equipment with other companies provide storage server, bandwidth, CPU resources development application rental business ideas. This is Amazon's original concept of cloud computing.

Since 2004, Amazon launched a simple queue service, Mechanical Turk and other cloud computing services prototype. Jeff Barr said that Amazon's cloud computing services, a sign of maturity is in 2006 a simple storage service (S3) and Elastic Cloud (EC2), which provides customers lease a virtual execution environment for users to develop, test or perform their application, and customers can choose the specifications of each execution environment, covering the memory space, computing units and storage space; Not long ago, Amazon announced Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) beta of new properties, which Amazon cloud monitoring (Cloud Watch) is a monitoring AWS cloud resources, network services, automated measurement (Auto Scaling) allow EC2 capacity on demand to increase or decrease, elastic load regulation (ElasticLoadBalancing) is calculated in the EC2 instance distribution of traffic between these new features intended to make the Amazon cloud application users to use more simple and workable.

Jeff Barr believes that cloud computing is the different levels and types, each provided cloud computing services are not the same, Amazon is the IT infrastructure cloud computing services. Demand on the network connected directly to the bottom is the Amazon's IT infrastructure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), including computing, storage, content distribution, etc.; in AWS basis, users can build their own application layer These application layer, including building the database, application server; top layer is the application software. He said that many cloud computing market services provided by service providers, only part of solution at different levels.

Professional IT company to provide cloud computing services, inevitably limited to provide their own system on top, limiting flexibility; Amazon's role is very special - it is not IT systems makers, but those who use. Jeff Barr special mention, because Amazon itself is also a cloud computing user, so it's not just sold to business users of cloud computing technology, also has its own lessons, which can help businesses better use of cloud computing services to create greater value.

"We opened up the infrastructure, database and application server and the application of information, including all platforms, unlike other companies, the application level is only open platform." Jeff Barr said that Amazon provides a more complete opening of cloud computing platform, except for some small and medium enterprises and individual developers to provide services, Amazon's cloud services have also attracted a lot of IT companies to join the cloud computing. Last year in September, Oracle announced that Amazon EC2 customers can perform OracleDatabase11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Enterprise Manager and other software, but without additional charge; last November, hosted service pioneer announced the integration of, Amazon cloud computing and storage platforms, developers can also access sides of platform resources; recently IBM also said it would in the Amazon EC2 cloud service providing IBM related products, include IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, WebSphere Portal, and Novell's SUSE Linux operating system and so on. Although Amazon has not disclosed its cloud computing services on the specific revenue, but the industry claimed that the income of 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Currently, Amazon has plans to cloud computing's reach extended to China, "we are not exactly the timetable for Huan, but Amazon HQ has on Zheyi market has attracted much attention. Zhiyu when to enter, we need to follow the appropriate policies and regulations. "Jeff Barr said.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Command line "" and "-" symbol represents the meaning of

If the end of the line is that it is not our end, the following line, and the Bank was a means.

- Is the option to start a letter option generally used - at the beginning, a number of letters to use - at the beginning.

"" If after the carriage return, line feed, then do not be omitted; But if the other characters, it can not be omitted.

"" Tell the system followed by the characters as intended, not an order.

For example there is the file name with spaces, it is necessary add a space before the "."

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unicom 3G discount rates are not cut prices as "fertile" really expensive!

Unicom 3G Package rates, in the midst of looking forward to the birth, but grow in a sound argument, perhaps forced by external pressure of public opinion, perhaps in order to restore lost users, perhaps felt that the standard rates set too high, China Unicom 3G During the communications test business was finally upon admission, and this reminds me of China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing, the sentence: The company will not insist on the promotion of 3G business price war. Upon admission that the significance of this is it? Hype? Top decision-making mistakes? Or ... ... puzzling!

Wu Zhe charges or your

Let us first look at the Wu Zhe Unicom 3G charges after: before September this year, Unicom, the basic package of seven files will only be charged half the cost. Minimum of 186 yuan package which only cost 93 yuan, hit a nationwide package includes 510 minutes of talk time, and another 20-minute video phone, 20M and 40T of the 3G business, 60MB of Internet traffic, as well as caller ID, phone tabloid newspaper.

China Unicom's own definition of the new unit "20M" and "40T" to the already confused users on 3G again shame that users have posted even upon admission, still could not afford. China Telecom's most low-end package price only 88 yuan, China Mobile, the most low-end package is only 98, Unicom's most low-end package to play on the break after the fall of the two competitors, according to sources, China Mobile, against China in the near future Unicom's voice tariff adjustments, tariff boss no doubt again the throne of China Unicom brought competition will not be pretty. This time is like a price cut to the Monkey King Tang Seng put on a magic spell, the user once they are caught to be difficult to get out, how in September, the Unicom in turn what way to trap the users?

One-way fares only to high-end users

Package rates for Unicom's 3G, China Unicom stakeholders introduced Unicom 3G tariff packages in the implementation of long distance, local, roaming charges together, there will be no special mobile phone roaming charges, long distance phone charges, the implementation of a complete one-way Unicom 3G charges when the user calls in the field as free. Can be understood as Unicom fell in love with a high-end customers are not home and fashion people, the rates for these high-end customers more attractive, but high-end customers means a long life in the field, office? And away from him original living city?

Unrealistic to expect a unified national tariff

China Unicom vice president Li Gang said: "Our 3G tariff package is the national unity, national unity of all the rates are implemented, not allowed to have their charges around, it will be very convenient for the user." Analysis of China Unicom in this industry held not realistic, because our nation is the unbalanced economic development between urban and rural economic development is relatively large, the actual situation in different regions, a direct result of user differentiation, imagine the user and remote mountainous areas of Beijing's users a unified tariff, that is a ridiculous and funny things! operators usually used in the "unified national tariff" based on the carrier around a certain autonomy, that is "unified national tariff" and "over their own pricing", we fully the advantages of using two kinds of billing models. Mobile and Telecom for the implementation of a unified high-end user tariff, China Unicom do not want to disadvantage the competition around it, sooner or later will allow more focused around the launch of the package.

Seem to feel the taste of China Unicom speculation ever stronger, and never charges price war to Wu Zhe, the promise of a unified national tariff can not know how long, I believe China Unicom's executives are more smart people, not willful these low-level errors, inconsistencies, non-compliance with market rules. When we all are a China Unicom 3G marketing hype! Do not know the user's bottom line can withstand Unicom withstand such a torment!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Two" a Dell: Whose heart hurt

"Dell" is only one appears in the Chinese consumers, but it's different, if sentenced to two faces. Dell is willing to bear the pain regardless of whether it "bleeding", which in China have led to the loss, the loss is the biggest market in China's public image and reputation. Dell executives frequently change jobs and change, seems to explain the problem.

Dell opened the history of the bill, not difficult to find, purchase errors have a Dell, "repeated mistakes repeat offenders," the problem in China is not the first time this error occurs, but for the error handling has always been there but had two standard.

As early as 2001, Dell for technical reasons were to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia website offer a particular model laptop that from 1338 U.S. dollars into 123 U.S. dollars. In this case, Dell finally to 123 U.S. dollars price to placing an offer in the notebook models. August 2005, Dell Australia's website will offer original hard disk 600 8.8 AUD Australian dollar, Australian dollar placing an 8.8 also eventually bought this product. Everything looks so good, Dell is also the "most emotion to justice," but, why can pay abroad, China can not pay it?

In China, this is not the first mistake, in 2003, Dell's direct sales price errors occur within the system, resulting in Shanghai Chi Kai Computer Technology Co., Ltd. contract with more than 150 orders were forced to recall, Dell to cancel the contract unilaterally, and force a refund. Tomohiro company for various reasons, and finally open the way both sides are not "reconciliation."

This time, however, claim to be tough again, "refund" Dell, really want to be taken to court because it "offended" and not an individual, a company, but the order of hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese customers. In particular, Dell also said: "Users are not customers." Such discrimination is suspected of Chinese consumers are more and more attention. How can the recent recalls, if not the world's problems, only appeared in China, according to Dell's usual style, it will also recall it?

Double standards not only exist in a company Dell, "quotes the door incident" took place, Dell is likely to become the second Chinese market, "Toshiba" has become the focus of the arrogant attitude towards the consumer, and arrogant behavior, will also be PC to Dell's main market away from China.

Six years ago, "Toshiba notebook event" in Sino-US controversy over the two standards are still fresh in our memory, Toshiba, processing and interpretation of Chinese companies have a dilemma: "This is because the laws of China and the United States, not the same, in accordance with U.S. law , if there is some kind of consequences on the possibility of causing consumers, manufacturers may have to take responsibility, while China's 娉曞緥, no clear such 鎯呭喌 the 鏉℃枃. "

This one really reflects the imperfections of China's legislature, to the multinational opportunity. But as the global transnational corporations, "abused and lead to" people feel the behavior is still held in contempt.

Dell in this case the chances are a bit too far, because six years later, China's legal system going through a process of continuous improvement, Chinese consumers have become more rational and mature.

Dell's so-called "August 18 deadline," still no progress, if Dell really does not ask customers to accept, without permission, would rush transfer is in itself a kind of arrogant behavior. In the sales process, to revoke any orders must be in accordance with certain procedures, at least to and other consultations and consensus can take effect, but also have both signed and sealed so. Otherwise, unilateral breach of contract.

In addition, has been Dell's service in China's policy has an obvious bias, pairs of Group buy large clients and small and medium enterprises and the bulk purchase of two very different individual customers Cunzai service attitude, which has Zaodao Yuelai Yue many consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. Dell to its customers in China are divided into two parts, large corporate, government and industrial customers (LCA + G + E), Dell's overall business sales account for about 90%; the other part is the small and medium enterprises and individual consumers ( HSMB), only 10%, and this part of it is often true of the average consumer.

In China over the past few years, Dell has gradually abandoned in China, some of the fine traditions of the average home computer prices on the rise, the quality of products and services are in the fall. In recent years, consumer complaints are increasing, even if the service can still be a big customer, often for product quality and complaints. This makes it suffered a crisis of confidence is in China, and even proposed to reject collective users buy Dell products. Next, how to get the Chinese market, Dell needs to weighed.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Century through to bring Austria into the blowout UMPC OQO incoming year

Since last August, UMPC manufacturers across the board, including Europe and the United States Department of Japanese and Korean Department, Taiwan University, In addition, China's domestic manufacturers are in the UMPC field for different customer segments, pricing strategies in different markets, different product configuration to carry out their own product development. With the end of last year, areas of the world's first brand OQO UMPC jointly century through the formal into the medal Olympic China, the market has now entered an unprecedented alert status.

UMPC official debut in 2006 so far, just two years, UMPC pace of technological innovation and market development were tested compound growth. IDC data show that between now and 2011, the desktop PC market rate of 3.8% will be reduced year by year, the notebook market with 16.1% of the rate will be gradually expanded. In modern social life, more and more consumers tend to buy laptops for their daily work and life. Thus, a more powerful feature more light more stylish UMPC is unique in its own era of mobile portable tide toward efficiency, a UMPC's blowout year soon to open.

OQO UMPC lead the market into life

The strength of so many manufacturers, are very positive about UMPC, must give consumers a reasonable market grounds. In China, over the past decade, has completed the process of the popularization of personal computers. Whether from the desktop or notebook product, price all the way down. PC penetration, not to say that everyone has a computer. But the real spending power in the market, the realization of a personal computer spread. When the market after the completion of this process, in each within the family, the computer account for the study, living room, or even the computer has been moved into the bedroom. A family there more than one computer, has become an established fact.

How to get the computer market? This is placed in the computer makers, and the upstream face of electronics and software vendors as a major issue. Vigorously promote the upstream firms, many OEM manufacturers strive to promote, UMPC's development is expected to do the. So many vendors plan to implement such a market is undoubtedly a collective market "conspiracy." But this conspiracy exposed in broad daylight, consumers really will buy it it?

Which proved the beginning of this year, with the UMPC's hot, consumers OQO's awareness and reputation are constantly upgrading, UMPC has been slowly integrated into people's daily lives. The other end, UMPC market has emerged in a wide range of competitive scene. OQO Zeyi choice for high-end business elite for the position, with its outstanding performance and distinguished temperament stood the forefront of the market. OQO UMPC led to high-end manufacturers insist on mobility, low power consumption, convenient communication line for the mainstream high-end configuration. OQO choose this product strategy is and the future 3G communications, the Internet increasingly inseparable from the updated software environment.

OQO high-end performance to avoid making the same mistakes

Senior industry insiders believe, looking back a few years ago, PALM, Pocket PC failure, the primary and then memory devices, chip processing power, inseparable. The market at that time, there has been a variety of handheld devices, but praised in a variety of handheld devices, so that handheld computers have several years or even stop the market research. If the future of UMPC devices, and then adhere to the past, custom systems, custom software for specific technical route, no doubt back to the handheld computer age. Some low-cost UMPC hot, although the movement to meet the needs of consumers, but the software application environment, we will no doubt be a huge limitation. Three years ago the rage of WIN98, now hard to find on the Internet. The most popular search dogs, Google Pinyin, do not down to support, not to mention a special customized LINUX system?

Another consumer said: Some notebook looks good, video playback and other functions are also very appreciative of the special Chinese culture in the context of a combined hand only, a small character-processing software, put many consumers in the block outside. That thing looks Ting Mei, but, really use them, will feel the fatal flaw of non-GM system.

This is why OQO stick to high-end configuration, adhere to high-end line of a reason. At this point, OQO last three products, all using the VISTA operating system, looking at the value for money and technology to maintain a clear understanding of: UMPC is characterized by the move, but in essence the need to maintain the characteristics of PC. Consumers really want is a mobile, is convenient, but more like a satisfying product, not the toy is a lot of problems. OQO adhere to mainstream configuration, will become more mainstream consumers to rational choice.

UMPC new generation of mobile elite

According to the latest survey site IT world, the Chinese consumers that the UMPC, will be in 1-2 years or even popular a few years more than 90%, shows that consumer expectations can be seen on the UMPC.

Take a look at Moon Avenue of the smart phone, the bus on the PSP fans, we have no reason not to believe that a bright future UMPC. Currently, Chinese consumers understand the UMPC's only 20%; 56% of people UMPC little knowledge, 23% of consumers on the UMPC is also unknown.

When a product conceptualization to guide the market out, is sure to have more practical rationality of choice.

In 2008, OQO hit the century to bring an Olympic-pass heat, UMPC market blowout, this is already an unavoidable fact. To downsizing of computer products, market diversification, greater ability to maintain aircraft, lower energy consumption, convenient 3G communication channel is the future market demand for UMPC.

Manufacturers ready to go, consumers waiting, this is a market blowout in 2008 UMPC portrayal.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Speed MPG Converter

Speed MPG Converter is a powerful video conversion program and easy convert MPG to MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole MPG movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!